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When a vision of the Virgin Mary miraculously appears in her comatose daughter's bedroom window, destitute mother Ruth Wright sees a novel way to keep food on the table. But when Alma awakens and becomes pregnant, what began as a little white lie snowballs into a religious movement that will test the faith of everyone in the town of Painted Post.

Featured in the Stephen Schwartz ASCAP / DreamWorks workshop, "The Angel of Painted Post" is a provocative new musical that asks "what would it take for you to believe in a miracle?"


A provocative new adaptation of Bizet's opera "Carmen", "L.A. Carmen" is set in the not-too-distant future in the dystopian city of Los Angeles.  

Martial law has been declared, and speaking Spanish is illegal.  Immigration agent Joe falls obsessively in love with the beautiful and tough Latina smuggler, Carmen.  Tragedy ensues when he learns that Carmen has fallen for Salvador, the leader of the resistance movement against the draconian laws in what has become the City of Fallen Angels.

Brooding vampire Oliver Truman is haunted by  the memory of his lost love, Caroline, who died in Boston over 200 years ago.  With the help of a conflicted priest, he ensnares lonely Lavinia to be the vessel in which he plans to resurrect Caroline's soul.  But Oliver's plans unravel when he begins to fall in love with his prey.  Furthermore, he must contend with Lavina's domineering Aunt Miriam, an ailing old woman with a secret past.  Before it is through, a shocking revelation will make everyone beware the promise to love forever.

Darkly romantic, and with a lush, evocative score, "Bloodline" explores the very nature of love and loss.

A grown-up Hansel and Gretel find themselves once again lured back to the gingerbread cottage in this post-modern re-imagining of the classic fairy tale.  

When the siblings decide to confront the Witch about their alleged childhood abuse, she shocks them with the true story of their childhood.  Stunned by the new revelations, Hansel and Gretel must decide whether to believe their own version of the past, or to begin a new chapter in the story of their lives.

Witch is It? a New Musical

It is 1954, and ambitious Hollywood location scout Hugh Fiedler will do whatever it takes to get the upcoming movie version of "Oklahoma" to be filmed in Door County, Wisconsin - even if it means convincing a family who run a local inn to sacrifice everything in order to achieve his dream.  But his plan goes awry when he finds himself  falling in love with the innkeeper's headstrong daughter.

With a tuneful 1950's-inspired score by Matthew Levine, "Oklahoma in Wisconsin" is a valentine to musical theater - and to small-town dreams.

Bloodline, a new musical
Oklahoma in Wisconsin, a new musical
L.A. Carmen, a new musical